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Fred Goldman Details Hatred For Simpson, Defense

Ron Goldman’s father says in a book released Friday that he sometimes fantasizes about putting a gun to O.J. Simpson’s head, forcing him to confess and then blowing him away anyway.

In “His Name Is Ron: Our Search for Justice,” the Goldman family exposes the depths of its hatred for Simpson, heaps scorn on his legal “Scheme Team” and accuses Judge Lance Ito of losing control of the courtroom at the murder trial.

Describing a Clint Eastwood-style scene he calls “my wildest fantasy,” Fred Goldman says he thinks about putting a gun to Simpson’s head with the warning: “If you lie to me, you will die.”

“The question is this: ‘Did you murder my son?’ And if he says, ‘Yes,’ I say, ‘I lied, you piece of trash, and you’re out of here.”’ The 358-page book opens with a series of poignant messages left on Ron Goldman’s answering machine, and closes with the statements the family would have made at sentencing had Simpson been convicted.

“To the sociopathic coward who murdered my son,” Goldman says. “I believe this world would be a better place without you. There is nothing more to say. … You are not worthy to walk in Ron’s shadow.”

A jury acquitted Simpson of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman in 1995. But a civil jury last week found Simpson responsible for the murders and ordered him to pay the victims’ families $33.5 million in damages.

The book’s publication, by William Morrow, was timed around the civil trial’s finish, since a gag order prevented the Goldmans from commenting during the case.

The family said the book was written to give the public a fuller picture of Ron Goldman, who was repeatedly described in the days after the murders as “a friend of Nicole Simpson” or a “waiter and sometime model.”

Simpson is rarely mentioned by name and is often referred to as “the killer” or “the murderer.”

In the book, Johnnie Cochran Jr., accused of making the trial a referendum on police racism, is dubbed “Johnny Cockroach.”

Of Detective Mark Fuhrman, the Goldmans say: “You lied and you knew you were lying. Why did you have to drag everyone else down with you? … You are a despicable human being!”


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