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Hints From Heloise

Wed., Feb. 26, 1997

Dear Heloise: I have a system I use for paying bills and making sure they are paid on time. I think it might be helpful to senior citizens.

I got a large calendar with large numbers (the kind used on desks) and placed it on a wall in my bedroom. When I get a bill in the mail, I write the check, place it in the envelope and put the stamp on the envelope. Now it is ready to mail.

I clip the envelopes to the calendar using paper clips. If the gas bill should go out on the 12th, on that date I write “gas” and so on with all bills.

Each day I can look at the calendar and see what needs to go out and put it in the mail. No late bills.

Hope this is helpful to someone. Love your column. - Mrs. Rosa L. Reed, Staunton, Va.

You’ve made bill paying a little easier with your system. Thanks for sending it in so others can benefit. - Heloise

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