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Legislative Action

Defeated by House

HB155 (Business) Allows installation of unvented room heaters in residential construction.

Legislative Action Complete

HCR2 (Simpson) Creates a special legislative committee to study electricity deregulation.

Introduced in House

HJR2 (State Affairs) Proposes constitutional amendment to make it clear that only Fish and Game agency can set hunting, fishing and trapping season dates and methods of taking; would prevent initiatives from setting the seasons or methods of taking.

HB355 (Revenue and Taxation) Allows fire districts that are experiencing growth to fund their district at a level to provide necessary services.

HB356 (Revenue and Taxation) Revises statutes dealing with suspension of driver’s license for reasons unrelated to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Introduced in Senate

SB1245 (Finance) Appropriates $24.7 million for 1998 operations of the Parks and Recreation Department.

SB1246 (State Affairs) Provides that electronic transfer can be used in place of paper warrants for state financial transactions.