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Official Records

Spokane County Marriage licenses

Mark D. Taylor and Joanne D. Blue, both of Moscow, Idaho.

George R. Collins and Debra K. Keyser, both of Spokane.

Joshua A. Hone and Rose M. Murphy, both of Spokane.

Jason A. Lenhart and Julie M. Wilson, both of Spokane.

Dana H. Dickerson and Diana J. Fitzner, both of Cheney.

David D. Gest and Diana L. Brugger, both of Spokane.

In the courts Superior Court New suits

Carole Anderberg vs. Dean E. White, seeking restitution for damages from a vehicle collision.

Westminster Land Road Association vs. James B. Canning and Karen A. Stevenson, complaint to set aside fraudulent conveyance.

Bank One vs. Steven L. and Gina Lockhart, money claimed owed.

Frank A. Thompson vs. Jamie Daniels, seeking restitution of premises.

Larry and Charlene Boeger vs. Jeff Breisacher, seeking restitution for an alleged breach of contract.

Diane and Louis Martin vs. Patrick Eller, seeking restitution for damages from a vehicle collision.

Subcontractors and Suppliers Collection vs. Joseph and Barbara A. Lane, money claimed owed.

Subcontractors and Suppliers Collection vs. Albert Prichard, money claimed owed.

Michelle Torrisi vs. Loren A. Anderson, seeking restitution of premises.

Subcontractors and Suppliers Collection vs. Stanley K. Ruff, money claimed owed.

Beneficial Washington vs. Sonya Matthews, seeking restitution of premises.

VPI Quality Windows vs. Arctic Windows, money claimed owed.

Mark A. Dobson vs. Kent Johnson, seeking restitution for damages from a vehicle collision.

Gene Fox vs. James and Mary Norman, seeking restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

LaVerna L. and Don E. Valle.

Michael D. Richmond and Sheila D. Lasiter.

Laurie E. and Michael H. Nichols.

Michael A. and Sandra S. Caldwell.

Michael J. Griffith and Leah M. Wright.

Linda J. and Daniel A. Nunes.

Deborah J. and Marvin R. Shellberg.

Joan D. and Clark S. Porter.

Aaron S. and Christine N. Christensen.

Marriage dissolution granted

White, Kenneth A. and Sara N.

Anderson, Brent R. and Marla R.

Beveridge, David R. and Holly S.

Criminal sentencing

Judge Neal Q. Rielly

James Gary Johnson, $225 fine, 33 months in prison with credit given for six days served, after pleading guilty to residential burglary, two counts of second-degree burglary.

Federal court New suits

Nicholas Holmes vs. Neil Giddings, complaint for medical malpractice.

B.J. Exploration and Drilling vs. L.T.A. Corporation, complaint for breach of contract.

Bankruptcy petitions

Angeley E. Borninkhof, 2618 N. Perry, debts of $20,090.

David M. and Donna Cotner, Winthrop, Wash., debts of $94,106.

Michael E. Draper, Othello, debts of $9,242.

Reynaldo H. and Leticia Hernandez, Kennewick, debts of $9,369.

Joseph S. Ferren, 2642 N. Cuba, debts of $125,576.

Robert J. and Vivian R. Clark, 5127 N. Elm, debts of $42,900.

Kasi L. McIntyre, Deer Park, debts of $18,268.

Daniel R. and Cecilia L. Aurand, 908 S. Dickey, debts of $39,117.

William V. Barrios, Moses Lake, debts of $16,167.

Thomas L. and Jannece M. Brown, Moses Lake, debts of $44,373.

Dee A. Allen, Moses Lake, debts of $15,884.

Christopher J. and Michelle d. Clark, Moses Lake, debts of $25,172.

Franklyn D. and Kristie A. Anderson Jr., 11206 W. Electric, debts unspecified.

Michael D. and Deborah L. Evans, Selah, Wash., debts of $209,174.

Maria G. Fernandez, Yakima, debts of $27,928.

Wage earner petitions

Corey E. and Stephanie L. Treadwell, debts of $104,412. Reorganization Petitions

District Court

Only fines or forfeitures of $75 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Christine Cary

Ellen L. Eberle, 44, $685 fine, 24 months’ probation, first-degree negligent driving.

Theodore J. Horn, 40, $150 fine, 24 months’ probation, theft.

Margaret V. Kavanaugh, 37, $685 fine, 24 months’ probation, driving while intoxicated.

Jeffrey S. Duty, 33, $100 fine, 24 months’ probation, assault domestic violence.

Judge Mike Padden

Granville E. Dodd, 38, $685 fine, 24 months’ probation, reckless driving.

Michael T. Oberbroeckling, 29, $600 fine, 24 months’ probation, first-degree negligent driving.

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