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Some May Call It Stupid, But It’s Only Crock Radio

Former “Partridge Family” actor Danny Bonaduce is no favorite of the Royal Oak, Mich., police department.

Bonaduce, a morning-time DJ for WKQI-FM, staged a car accident between two women as a radio stunt last week. Police and ambulances responded before they discovered it was all a trick. “Call it stupid radio - that’s what it was,” said Bonaduce, 37. “I guess I could be facing serious charges right now.”

Maybe so. “Six cars responded to my call for backup at a high rate of speed, during the rush hour,” police Officer James Ellis said. “It was gross stupidity.”

The women were were trying to win a trip to Jamaica in the station’s “How Low Can You Go?” contest.

Loose talk

Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione on producing the movie “Catherine the Great”: “We will not use porn stars. They will be real actors.”

With that many candles, it will be a ring of fire

Johnny Cash turns 65 today.

And don’t forget her hair color: Cornflower from a Bottle

So what is included in the $10 million Martha Stewart Everyday line that Kmart is promoting: a video of Stewart demonstrating how to make hospital corners and her paint line - $14.99 a gallon - that includes such hues as Himalayan Eyes, Dill Flower and Tortilla.

What about Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil’?

Movieline magazine suggests a new Oscar category: Performance in Which the Actor Is Most Completely Playing Him- or Herself. And the nominees are: Madonna as Eva Peron in “Evita”; Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire in “Jerry Maguire”; Courtney Love as Althea in “The People vs. Larry Flynt”; Goldie Hawn as Elise in “The First Wives Club”; John Malkovich as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in “Mary Reilly.”

Those eyes shone through the shadows in her cradle

Rene Angelil, 55, husband-manager of French-Canadian singer Celine Dion, discovered her charms over 16 years ago. “She wasn’t the cutest 12-year-old,” he says. “She had a problem with her teeth and she was very shy, but her eyes were incredible.”

Maybe it’s just a stunt for the ‘Larry Sanders’ special

This should come as no surprise, but it still does: After 15 years, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal have called it a relationship. A publicity statement claimed, “The two remain committed and will jointly participate in the upbringing of their 12-year-old son, Redmond.” Fawcett and O’Neal never married.

While underwater, her basic instinct is to breathe

Sharon Stone is set to film “Sphere,” based on Michael Crichton’s novel about the undersea discovery of a 400-year-old space ship, directed by Barry Levinson. Stone will star with Dustin Hoffman, Andre Braugher, Charles Dance, Laura Dern, Joe Mantegna and Julian Sands.

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