Idaho Woman Mauled By Pit Bulls


An Idaho woman who came to Texas for a funeral underwent surgery after being mauled by four pit bull terriers on a rural road in Johnson County, authorities say.

Lois Moore, 57, of Caldwell, was severely bitten before a passing family rescued her by frightening off the animals long enough to get her in a pickup truck.

“She took a step or two back, and they hit her,” said Christie Said, who witnessed the attack from her kitchen window. “They just plunged on her, and she was down.”

Officers said the dogs escaped from a yard by crawling under a fence. The dogs were later killed by Johnson County deputies who had to hunt them down through fields and thickets.

Joshua police officer Jeff Monk, who gave Moore emergency first aid, said she suffered severe injuries.

“It’s just a miracle she’s alive,” Monk said. “Her leg was torn down to the bone, and the left side of her head and face were bitten badly.”

Marvin Moore said his wife, who underwent surgery at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, is expected to recover.

Moore told her rescuers the attack had been going on for about five minutes.

Moore and her husband arrived in Joshua on Sunday to attend the funeral of her mother-in-law.

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