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Traffic School Held In Violators’ Homes

MONDAY, JAN. 6, 1997

California motorists don’t even have to turn the ignition key to get remedial traffic safety instruction. Thanks to videos and computers, they can go to drivers’ school right in their living room.

Starting on Jan. 13, Ventura County traffic violators who want tickets erased from their records can go to the local video store and pay $39.99.

That rents a computer and three videotaped traffic lessons with re-enactments, driver testimonials and lectures by celebrities.

The computer connects by a toll-free telephone number to U.S. Interactive, which designed the course.

The computer quizzes the student after each hourlong video lesson, and if the violator passes - and has paid the traffic fine - the computer automatically erases any record of the traffic ticket.

“Because they’re watching videos and having to answer questions, they probably have to pay a lot more attention,” said Vince Ordonez Jr., assistant executive officer of the Ventura County courts.

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