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For The Jeans, Maybe He Can Borrow Billie’s

Wed., Jan. 8, 1997

It looks like Michael Jackson is going to stop beating it and start pumping it.

According to the Star tabloid, the scrawny superstar - no stranger to cosmetic surgery - plans a complete physical makeover through a combination of silicone implants and an exercise program.

“He’s going to see a doctor in Japan who will implant pectorals to help him change his unisex image,” an unnamed “insider” said. “He wants to start doing videos shirtless and sexy.”

The source said the same doctor will also shore up the singer’s much-manipulated nose, using cartilage from his ears.

Jackson’s new look will also include ditching his sequined glove and military suits and going back to blue jeans, the Star reports.

Loose talk

Rolling Stone, speculating on why Lisa Marie Presley decided to get a divorce: “Maybe she woke up one day and realized she’d married Michael Jackson.”

He, of course, always got his jeans from Genie

David Bowie turns 50 today.

There they were, knee deep in jelly doughnuts

Walter Matthau made Elvis Presley sick - at least when they filmed “King Creole” and Matthau hit Presley with a prop chair in a fight scene. “It was just after lunch and it was warm in the studio and then all this activity and that final thing of me smacking him on the back,” Matthau told the New York Post, adding: “We couldn’t use the shot.”

People tell her, ‘You look like an old bag, lady’

Former model Christa Miller has adjusted to her dressed-down role as a beer-guzzling tomboy on “The Drew Carey Show,” but she wouldn’t mind showing off once in a while. “Yesterday I saw Jennifer (Aniston),” Miller said. “I had nine huge rollers in my hair, no makeup and a flannel shirt. She looked so-o-o cute, and I looked like a homeless person.”

So, how long before she sends Sixx packing?

Shades of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee: “Baywatch” actress Donna D’Errico married Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx in a private ceremony Dec. 23. (As you may recall, Anderson, who’s leaving “Baywatch,” has split from hubby Lee, Motley Crue’s drummer).

And he makes all of them call him ‘Daddy’

“Nash Bridges” star Don Johnson is denying reports that he’s engaged to Jodi O’Keefe, the 18-year-old actress who plays his daughter. “He likes her very, very much and has great respect for her,” a spokesman told USA Today. “But Don goes out with a variety of women.”

Guess he’s still soft where she’s concerned

According to Time magazine, Microsoft multigazillionaire Bill Gates has an agreement with his wife, Melinda, that he gets to spend a long weekend each year with former flame Ann Winblad at her North Carolina cottage, walking the beach, riding dune buggies, hang-gliding and playing putt-putt “while discussing biotechnology.”

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