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Simpson’s Defense Rests Case Rebuttal Begins With Testimony That Photos Of Shoes Authentic

A renowned photography expert Tuesday testified that he has “no doubt” that a damning picture of O.J. Simpson clad in shoes with a unique sole - like those worn by the killer of his ex-wife and her pal - is genuine.

And a free-lance shutterbug verified that he snapped 30 more pictures of Simpson wearing Bruno Maglis - the kind of shoe that left bloody prints at the 1994 crime scene.

The one-two punch came after the defense rested its case in the wrongful-death civil suit filed by the parents of slaying victims Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The plaintiffs may finish their rebuttal case as soon as Thursday.

Jurors furiously took notes and some nodded in apparent agreement as photo whiz Gerald Richards said a picture taken of Simpson by photographer Harry Scull at a 1993 football game wearing the distinctive shoes was legitimate.

“There is no doubt in my mind regarding the shoes in this particular photo, that these have not been altered or changed in any way,” said Richards, who worked for the FBI for 20 years.

Using rulers, photography loupes and other gadgets, Richards assailed the testimony of defense photo expert Robert Groden, a high-school dropout who charged the Scull photo had been doctored.

Earlier, photographer E.J. Flammer testified he took 30 other photos of Simpson the same day as Scull - and had stumbled on them in his files only late last month.

Flammer said he had been hired by the Buffalo Bills to snap pictures of Simpson, who was covering the Sept. 26, 1993, Bills-Dolphins game.

Simpson, 49 - who has denied owning the shoes and called the Scull and Flammer photos fakes - appeared dejected as his adult daughter, Arnelle, rubbed his back.

Earlier, Simpson had beamed with pride as Arnelle, 28, took the stand as the final witness of the defense case.

Arnelle Simpson said her father was “shocked, very upset, sad, confused” upon being informed by phone of Nicole’s slaying.