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Legislative Action

Sat., Jan. 18, 1997

Introduced in House

HB99 (State Affairs) Provides that state treasurer shall serve as administrator of unclaimed property.

HB100 (State Affairs) Makes it clear that state treasurer can invest in the guaranteed portion of Small Business Administration loans to gasoline station owners who finance underground storage tank upgrades.

HB101 (Appropriations) Supplemental appropriation of $9,500 to State Emergency Response commission for Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Fund.

HB102 (Agriculture) Gives Department of Agriculture’s Division of Animal Industries more authority when disease in livestock or other animals may constitute an emergency.

HB103 (Stoicheff) Limits campaign finance contributions to individuals, forbids contributions from unions, political action committees, corporations, companies and political committees and parties.

Introduced in Senate

SB1004 (Sweeney, McLaughlin, Stennett, Whitworth, Dunklin) Allows drug dealers to be sued for damages by those harmed by their activities.

SB1005 (Stennett, Whitworth, Dunklin) Partially repeals the 1996 law limiting the use of the public trust doctrine to Idaho waterways.

SB1006 (Stennett) Creates a state commission to oversee activities at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.

SB1007 (Sweeney, McLaughlin, Stennett, Whitworth, Dunklin) Increases the state minimum wage to reflect the recent federal minimum wage increase.

SB1008 (Finance) Appropriates $7,200 to pay accrued vacation of former state Historical Society Director James Hill.

SB1009 (Stennett, Whitworth, Dunklin) Expands the impact fee law to school districts with limits on the levy amount.

SB1010 (Schroeder) Increases the Fish and Game Commission from seven to nine members with an extra commission for northern Idaho and one for Ada-Canyon counties.

SB1011 (Sweeney, McLaughlin, Stennett, Whitworth, Dunklin) Requires detailed disclosure of contributors of more than $50 to state campaigns.

SB1012 (Stennett) Allows property taxes to be deferred for eligible elderly homeowners in rapid growth areas.

SB1013 (Stennett) Exempts riparian land from property taxes if voluntarily taken out of production.

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