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Kick-Boxing Aerobics - Exercise With A Punch

Tue., Jan. 21, 1997

At Lotus Self Defense Academy, women aerobics students count out their jumping jacks in Thai and pull on boxing gloves for intense training.

It’s a new kick-boxing aerobics class, started by former hospital exercise physiologist Roy Harrington at the old state armory in downtown Spokane.

The class blends a serious, heart-thumping cardio-vascular workout with Thai kick-boxing training.

“It’s the new trend in marital arts and health and fitness,” says Harrington. “It’s a huge rage in Europe and in large cities back East.”

During the 1-hour, 15-minute class, students work out with jumping jacks, jump-rope, push-ups, sit-ups, kicks, handwork drills and shadow boxing.

While aerobics instructors at health clubs such as Sta-Fit and the Spokane Club also incorporate boxing moves into their classes, this class teaches women to protect themselves.

“I’m making sure the technique they learn is something they could fall back on if they ever need self-defense,” Harrington says.

Rates vary according to the number of classes taken per week. Harrington charges $45 per month for students who want to take as many as five classes per week.

A beginning class is also scheduled through Spokane Parks and Recreation; call 625-6200.

The classes are located at 202 W. Second, on the second floor, next door to Laser Quest. For more information, call Harrington at 624-9129.

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See related story under the headline: Healthy moves

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