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Legislative Action

Sent to governor

SB1008 (Appropriations) Supplemental appropriation of $7,200 for state Historical Society in current budget.

SB1014 (Appropriations) Supplemental appropriation of $3.6 million to Department of Lands for forest firefighting expense.

SB1015 (Appropriations) Supplemental appropriation of $50,000 in current budget to Division of Environmental Quality.

SB1016 (Appropriations) Supplemental appropriation in current budget of $73,100 to Department of Agriculture for plant industries program.

Introduced in House

HJM1 (State Affairs) Urges Congress to pass Balanced Budget Amendment.

HB148 (Revenue and Taxation) Allows school districts to establish a fixed levy to collect revenue for new facilities through growth.

HB149 (Revenue and Taxation) Raises state sales tax to 6.25 percent with revenue to be used to lower county property taxes.

HB150 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Adds to the penalties for graffiti to allow suspension of driver’s license for up to one year.

HB151 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Updates the 1864 habeas corpus laws.

HB152 (Business) Amends Idaho Telephone Solicitation Act to forbid sending unsolicited ads to fax machines.

HB153 (Business) Requires that rights of floating home marina owners and owners of floating homes must be set out in written rental agreement.

HB154 (Business) Allows state bank which has relocated to Idaho to continue banking in Idaho even if for business reasons it becomes necessary to return its charter to the prior state.

HB155 (Business) Amends compliance standards for gas-fired room heaters.

HB156 (Revenue and Taxation) Increases from five acres to 12 acres exemption for the speculative portion of value of agricultural land in a subdivision.

HB157 (Revenue and Taxation) Allows counties to enter into regional local option sales tax agreements.

Introduced in Senate

SJM102 (Local Government and Taxation) Urges Congress to approve a balanced budget amendment to the constitutional.

SB1072 (Judiciary and Rules) Allows for judges to elect a reduced retirement benefit so spouses can obtain an increased benefit allowance after their deaths.

SB1073 (Judiciary and Rules) Creates the misdemeanor of injury to a child for an adult under the influence of alcohol or drugs to transport the child in a vehicle.

SB1074 (Judiciary and Rules) Clarifies the state’s drunken driving law on impairment.

SB1075 (Judiciary and Rules) Creates a state criminal justice information system.

SB1076 (State Affairs) Sets criteria for retaining paper records in digital form.

SB1077 (State Affairs) Provides for assignment of a notice of claim of lien.

SB1078 (State Affairs) Permits limited liability companies to be registered agent.

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