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“Out To Sea”

Here’s what critics say about “Out to Sea:”

Chris Hewitt/St. Paul Pioneer Press: It’s turning out to be a bad summer to walk the gangplank.

On the heels of the unseaworthy “Speed 2” comes another cruise-ship movie that doesn’t sail, “Out to Sea.” Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are poorly trained dance instructors on board a ship and they play, well, the same guys they always play… . Matthau and Lemmon don’t have enough scenes together, but they are good for a few laughs… . Yes, Matthau and Lemmon are funny, but is it too much to ask that they be given a script?

Philip Wuntch/The Dallas Morning News: If simple pleasantness is what you seek this Independence Day week, “Out to Sea” is your tonic. It’s pleasant and very simple.

Kevin Thomas/Los Angeles Times The “Grumpy Old Men” movies reunited Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau with box-office success, but “Out to Sea” is more like it. Much more. Here’s a movie mainly about people who are considerably over 21 without a single old codger joke and without anyone apologizing for his or her maturity.