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‘Wild America’

Here’s what the critics say about “Wild America:”

Kevin Thomas/Los Angeles Times: “Wild America” is a delightfully far-fetched family adventure inspired by the real-life exploits of three teen-age Arkansas brothers during the summer of 1967. Credibility is stretched at every turn, but that adds rather than detracts from the fun because, even if everything didn’t quite happen in real life as this movie depicts it, it should have.

Robert Folsom/Kansas City Star: “Wild America” is supposed to be a coming-of-age movie about one of America’s premier nature photographers, Marty Stouffer, and his two brothers. It’s told through the eyes of the youngest sibling, Marshall, played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas of “Home Improvement.”

Instead, William Dear has directed a live-action cartoon that is less about the Stouffers’ camaraderie than about situation comedy.

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