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New Song Comes From High School Memories

Singer and instrumentalist Anita Cochran, who has a song on her impressive new album titled “Girls Like Fast Cars,” says it’s no lie.

She says the song grew out of a memory of high school when, after classes, “six or eight girls would pile in my Camaro, and we’d cruise our little town. It was all there was to do out in the country where we lived.

“I grew up with three older brothers who were all backyard mechanics, and at one time we all four had Camaros,” remembers the Michigan native.

“I was always trying to get my brothers to fix things on my car, but they’d show me how to do it instead. I still know how to change an alternator on a ‘78 Camaro.”

Chesney a car-parker

Kenny Chesney’s third album, “Me And You,” has been certified gold (more than 500,000 copies sold) soon after his single, “When I Close My Eyes,” reached the top spot in the country hit charts.

Chesney, who hails from eastern Tennessee and graduated from East Tennessee State University with a degree in advertising, says his record collection ranges from “old Keith Whitley-Ricky Skaggs bluegrass records to Brahms” - but the music he played was hardcore honky tonk when he first came to Nashville in early 1991. He says he played at a seedy joint on Lower Broadway and got pretty depressed.

“I thought I was going to rot there,” he says. “I decided there’s got to be a better way to reach my goal, so I quit. I got a job parking cars and concentrating on my songwriting. That’s what really turned it around.”

Pretty quickly, too. His first album, which was on the Capricorn label, hit the market in 1993.

Bellamys change gimmicks

The Bellamy Brothers’ forthcoming (July 15) album, “Over The Line,” supposedly takes a different tack than the humorous one Bellamy fans are accustomed to.

“The tracks on this album don’t contain the same gimmicks as a lot of our previous works,” says David Bellamy.

So how does he explain one on the new album titled “My Wife Left Me For Her Girlfriend”?

“The song is a biographical piece on a friend’s real life experience, so we put it on the record for the fans who expect the funny tracks.”

Delevantes album coming

The Delevantes, two New Jersey-born brothers whose distinctive music combines harmonic influences with a consciousness of roots rock, will have their first major-label album out on Capitol July 15.

Titled “Postcards from Along the Way” and produced by former E Street drummer Garry Tallent, it features 12 songs written by the brothers in their own inimitable style.

Their first album, “Long About that Time” on Rounder Records in 1995, was widely praised.