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Tot Gets Her Lip Back After Dog Swallows It

A surgeon sewed a 3-year-old girl’s lip back on after it was bitten off and swallowed by a dog.

Megan MacFarlane was eating ice cream Thursday when a 100-pound bull mastiff jumped up and bit her face. Paramedics could not find her top lip and realized the dog had swallowed it.

With the owner’s permission, a veterinarian in Arbroath in eastern Scotland, euthanized the animal, then extracted the child’s lip.

Dr. Anas Naasan, the plastic surgeon who carried out the operation, said it was the first time he knew of that human tissue had been reattached after being recovered from the stomach of an animal.

“The dog had not chewed the lip, otherwise the operation would have been impossible, although the edges were a bit crushed,” he said.

“The initial signs are encouraging as the tissue does appear to be picking up blood, although it will be two or three days before we are certain.”

He said the lip had not been inside the dog long enough to be damaged by stomach acid.

“It was the owner himself who had the idea of taking the dog to the vet and asking for it to be put down and the stomach opened,” Naasan said.