Gov. Weld Plans To Fight Helms For A Chance At Mexico Post


Gov. William F. Weld announced Tuesday that he would buck opposition from Sen. Jesse Helms and fight for his nomination as ambassador to Mexico.

President Clinton’s nomination of Weld, a moderate Republican, has been stalled by Helms, R-N.C., who thinks Weld is too liberal on social issues, especially for supporting the medical use of marijuana.

But Weld said Helms’ opposition was purely political. “In plain language, I am not Sen. Helms’ kind of Republican,” he said.

He also said he hoped Clinton would stand by him. “I hope and expect that the president will join me in a fight worth fighting,” he said.

Sources close to the governor who spoked on condition of anonymity said he was so frustrated by the situation that he briefly considered resigning Tuesday. The sources said Weld was infuriated by a Boston Globe story that quoted an unidentified White House official as saying the administration was looking for an alternative posting for Weld.

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