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Funds Earmarked To Clean Reservoir

A federal appropriation of $2.5 million has been approved by the Senate for the McCall wastewater treatment plant, part of a large effort to remove pollution from Cascade Reservoir.

Wastewater from McCall and the Fish and Game Department’s hatchery at McCall flows down the Payette River and winds up in Cascade Reservoir. That contributes to high levels of phosphorus and algae in the reservoir.

The city of McCall is spending $3.1 million for the treatment plant, the state environmental agency $2.6 million and the Legislature appropriated $1 million. The Payette Lake Water and Sewer District also is contributing $600,000.

“Cascade Reservoir faces serious threats from the rapid growth of Valley County and the area’s main industry, agriculture,” said Sen. Dirk Kempthorne. “The reservoir is a major recreation facility for the largest population base in the state of Idaho.”

Sen. Larry Craig called Cascade Reservoir “one of the most popular recreation areas in the state.”