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Official Records

Thu., July 17, 1997

Spokane County Marriage Licenses

Brant A. Thieren and Denell M. McMillin, both of Fairfield, Wash.

Russell T. Blough of Deer Park and Laura J. Ford of Spokane.

Darin J. Martin and Tahnya M. Ader, both of Liberty Lake.

Kevin F. Krembs of Mercer Island, Wash., and Ann M. Freuen, Spokane.

Luke D. Ralston and Sabrina L. Wilder, both of Spokane.

Leigh A. Holmes and Angela M. Hewson, both of Medical Lake.

Brenton R. Thielen and Shelley A. Overdorff, both of Spokane.

William R. Fitzgerald and Roberta G. Gunter, both of Spokane.

Harry L. Seccomb Jr. and Joey C. Hergesheimer, both of Aurora, Colo.

Erik J. Sohner and Mary R. Sinclair, both of Spokane.

Larry M. Mikkelsen and Raleigh A. Mikkelsen, both of Nine Mile Falls.

Patrick M. Elder and Patricia A. Fryer, both of Spokane.

Todd M. Driftmeyer and Mary A. Sterling, both of Spokane.

Robert D. Bower and Holly A. Gust, both of Spokane.

Buster G. Honshell and Laurice H. Gibbs, both of Spokane.

In the Courts Superior Courts New Suits

Mark A. Faulkes dba Faulkes Properties vs. Bruce W. Tipton, seeking restitution of premises.

Citizens Reality Co. vs. Theodore P. and Patricia D. Rusnak, money claimed owed.

Christine L. and Steven D. Spletstoser vs. Paul G. Kaczor, seeking damages for injuries from vehicle collision.

Greg and Virginia Matthews vs. Layrite Products Co., seeking restitution for alleged property damages.

Broker Resources Inc. vs. Anthony Skariski et al, money claimed owed.

Christopher J. Oglesbee vs. Nationwide Auto Consultants et al, complaint for violation of the Business Opportunity Fraud Act.

Kimberly Thorson vs. Sportsman Cafe Inc., seeking restitution for personal injuries resulting from alleged negligence.

Kenith and W. Jean Gering vs. Ford Motor Co. et al, wrongful death.

Marriage Dissolution Petitions

Moroni, Brenda and Noi B.

Lauber, Patricia K. and James A.

Janson, Kenneth E. II and Virginia C.

Ruebush, Dawn M. and William E.

Harty, K. Laura and Patrick

Marriage Dissolution Granted

Heydt, Steven J. and Tonya S.

Dreckman, Jason and Rhonda

Walling, Richard F. and Elaine M.

Ohms, David M. and Shelley D.

Lange, William R. and Lynn Y.

Lowery, Mark T. and Robin B.

Silverthorne, William A. and Lucy B.

Federal Courts New Suits

Toma and Jeanine Joseph dba Cougars Campus Flowers vs. Samuel Smith and Washington State University, complaint for deprivation of civil rights.

Bankruptcy Petitions

Walter J. Palmer Sr., 8602 E. Sharp, debts of $84,461.

Rick R. Rhodes Jr., 504 N. Dick, debts of $28,929.

Jason J. and Wendy J. Pierson, 12514 E. Skyview, debts of $141,489.

Lawernce A. and Elaine K. Ebner, Deer Park, debts of $23,006.

Gary D. Graves Jr., 4941 Pasadena Lane, debts of $29,048.

Charlene A. Laufer, 617 W. Dalton, debts of $103,107.

Charles M. and Dalee A. Turner, 1316 S. Hawthorne Place, debts of $17570.

Gregory W. and Debbi R. Purdy, 1517 E. Ninth, debts of $90,154.

Thomas A. Sanders, 2923 E. Rowan, debts unspecified.

Sharon Carroll, Newport, Wash., debts of $32,515.

Tamara L. Feduska, Yakima, debts of $19,308.

Lynn E. Nero, Veradale, debts of $30,471.

Edward R. Bailey, Yakima, debts of $5,939.

Philip A. and Jane T. Paulson, 4215 S. Hatch, debts of $165,135.

Carmen J. Lucatero, Yakima, debts of $9,704.

Christina F. Peterson, 214 E. Bridgeport, debts of $13,780.

Donald R. and Bonnie M. Luttrell, Yakima, debts of $43,417.

Robert L. and Brenda Baldwin, 1528 E. 16th, debts of $31,025.

Ronald E. and Glenda L. Vradenburg, Riverside, Wash., debts of $57,092.

Harold M. and Juanita A. Hoob, Veradale, debts of $188,494.

Robert C. Marshall, Yakima, debts unspecified.

Wage Earner Petitions

David D. Moore, Kennewick, debts unspecified.

District Courts

Only fines or forfeitures of $75 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Mike Padden

Robert R. Bower, 30; $600 fine, 18 months probation, second-degree negligent driving, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Lacy W. Davis, 61; $2,525 fine, 155 days in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

Richard B. Holm, 26; $400 fine, second-degree negligent driving.

Wendy J. Jarman, 29; $100 fine, 18 months probation, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Judge Sara B. Derr

Tyrone H. Walser, 48; $97 fine, following too close.

Trevor S. Anderson, 23; $150 fine, liability insurance required.

William R. Barnes, 39; $835 fine, 24 months probation, liability insurance required, reckless driving.

Michael N. Hamlin, 42; $425 fine, 24 months probation, first-degree negligent driving.

Julie F. Horn, 42; $1,325 fine, 30 days in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

Frank H. Jodszuweit, 68; $1,000 fine, 24 months probation, reckless driving.

Keli J. Jurdy, 29; $200 fine, 24 months probation, second-degree driving with license suspended.

Mattie A. Kivett, 52; $1,000, 12 months probation, first-degree negligent driving.

John R. Scoles, 21; $150 fine, 12 months probation, resisting arrest.

Kristin R. Sullivan, 23; $685 fine, one day in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

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