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Think Maybe Nbc Is Owned By Steinbrenner?

You have to wonder sometimes about the intelligence of network television executives. By hardballing the cast of “Seinfeld,” NBC almost lost another season of one of the most popular comedies ever broadcast.

At issue: salary and syndication revenues.

“It’s not that we were adamant about making $1 million an episode,” cast member Jason Alexander says in August’s Playboy magazine. “We were adamant that we should have been cut in on the profits from syndication revenues. The money is there.”

Alexander says the show has left him typecast. “‘Seinfeld’ is going to live on the air for years, continually putting out the image that George is who I am,” he said. “So if I’m going to give them another 22 (episodes) of those images, they’re going to make sure I’m set for life.”

Loose talk

Crooner Frank Sinatra on the Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield ear-biting scandal (in the New York Post): “What’s the matter? They don’t feed him?”

Let’s all go down to the bay and watch the fireworks

David Hasselhoff turns 45 today.

One final goodbye for the former lovebirds

Director Bruce Paltrow has pulled the plug on the proposed picture “Duets,” which would have starred his daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, and her ex-boyfriend, Brad Pitt. “Everybody loves their children,” Paltrow said, “and I think that whatever each of them is going through, they need to not have this hanging over them.” The movie had been scheduled for a Sept. 15 start.

Surely the water couldn’t have been THAT cold

The August issue of Playgirl magazine is already a collector’s item. Filled with, er, candid photos of Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, taken on a West Indies beach two years ago, the issue cannot be further distributed. That was the recent ruling of a Los Angeles judge.

And what did they do? Griped about their kids, of course

And to be fair, a little good Brit-royal news: On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II and husband Prince Philip celebrated their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary with 4,000 other golden-anniversary couples.

Suspicion, pours in our heart - suspicion, tears us apart

Let’s see now, Michael Jackson divorced Lisa Marie Presley last year. Then he married Deborah Rowe and fathered with her their son Prince. So what was Jackson doing with Presley in London on Tuesday, holding hands while returning to his hotel following a sell-out concert?

In his Woodie he will take us everywhere he goes

To John Gregory Dunne, actor James Stewart was one of Hollywood’s last true icons. “I met James Stewart on a number of occasions, but I could never bring myself to call him Jimmy, only Mr. Stewart,” Dunne wrote in the New York Times. “Calling him Jimmy would have been like calling Woodrow Wilson ‘Woodie.”’

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