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When Anders Celsius conceived his temperature scale, he set freezing at 100 degrees and boiling at 0 degrees. That’s upside down, said other scientists. But they didn’t say it to him, evidently. It wasn’t changed to freezing, 0, and boiling, 100, until after he died.

“Exocannibals” eat only enemies. “Indocannibals eat only friends.

The French moralist Jean de La Bruyere observed: “Most men spend the first half of their lives making the last half miserable.”

No plant cultivated in ancient Mexico was known anywhere else in the world then. To itemize this recipe: tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, and avocados, and red and green peppers. Toss in chili. Add vanilla.

Pressure meters show the great white shark can bite down with a force of 132 pounds per tooth. And the great white has a whole lot of teeth. Tons worth.

Tribespeople of the Western Shoshone consider their nation the most bombed on earth. They say the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley assured their ownership of the property at what’s now the U.S. nuclear test site. From 1951 to 1992 there, testers set off 934 nuclear explosions.

The Amish don’t sue, and if sued, don’t contest.

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