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Books Offer Key Insight

Several new books on outdoor subjects, including a superb one on the origins of fishing, are on book dealers’ shelves. Some of the most interesting and informative:

The Origins of Angling, by John McDonald, published by Lyons & Burford, $40. Thanks to publisher and fly fisher Nick Lyons, the tens of thousands of men, women and kids who have become fly fishers the last 40 years now can read - without going to a library - all about the legendary Dame Juliana Berners and “The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle,” the first published essay on sport fishing.

The first version of McDonald’s book was published in 1957 and again in 1963. It’s been out of print since then. The Lyons & Burford book includes for the first time facsimiles of original printings of the “Book of St. Albans,” which included the essay, “The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle.” The book is believed to have been first printed about 1450.

Although Dame Juliana Berners, a nun, has been credited with writing “The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle,” many historians believe that she was more of a “compiler” than an “author.’ We’ll never know for sure. Anyway, the new Lyons & Burford book, which includes facsimilies and translations of the original book, is fascinating reading.

Excellent color plates of fly patterns used 500 years ago undoubtedly will be duplicated by many of today’s fly fishers.

Caddis Super Hatches, by Carl Richards and Bob Braendle, published by Frank Amato Publications, $24.95 softcover. This outstanding book is undoubtedly the most helpful and practical book on caddisflies since the publication in 1981 of Gary LaFontaine’s “Caddisflies.”

The authors have provided excellent color pictures and drawings to illustrate numerous caddisfly species, hatch stages and fly patterns. Indeed, a fly fisher, by referring to the book, can identify the major caddisflies in his or her home area, when the bugs hatch, how to tie patterns that represent the larva, pupa and adult and how to fish the hatches.

Doug Scott, Himalayan Climber, published by Sierra Club Books, $30. This superbly illustrated book, now available in softcover, is by one of the world’s most famous and talented Himalayan climbers.

Scott, a British climber, tells it like it was for him and his climbing partners during several years of putting their lives on the line to climb numerous peaks from the often-climbed Mt. Everest to the little known Makalu. He even criticizes some of the most famous climbers in his lively, witty prose.

The World of Arctic Whales, by Stefani Paine, published by Sierra Club Books, $20. The growing interest in whales made possible the publishing of this book about three whale species that live in an icecovered region. Until large numbers of Americans became concerned about whales, no publishing firm would consider producing a book on the huge bowhead, white beluga and horned narwhal whales because there wouldn’t have been much of a market for such a book. Paine’s book, one of “The World of” series, is illustrated with exceptional photographs.

Fly Fishing Pacific Northwest Waters, Trout and Beyond 11, by John Shewey, published by Frank Amato Publications, $19.95 softcover. The author, an Oregon resident, discusses fishing for everything from bluegills and crappies to steelhead in his latest book. He includes fly patterns for the species he writes about. As usual with the Frank Amato organization, the color pictures are outstanding.

Wolf Songs, edited by Robert Busch, published by Sierra Club Books, $14 paperback. It shows how wolves are returning to many of their old homes in the United States. In this informative and educational book, 18 writers tell what the wolves are really like.

The Yellowstone Fly Fishing Guide, by Craig Mathews and Clayton Molinero. Published by Lyons & Burford, $16.95 softcover. The Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin and Gibbon rivers aren’t the only trout waters in the Yellowstone area. There are scores of lakes and small streams that are of interest to fly fishers and other anglers. If you plan to fish waters other than those that attract the world’s anglers, buy this excellent guide by two well-known fly fishers. The authors include fairly detailed information on each water, insect hatches, times to fish and the species. The book is a must for those who don’t want to follow the crowd.

Adventuring in the Rockies, by Jeremy Schmidt, published by Sierra Club Books, $16. This is an updated and enlarged edition to a 226-page guide to the most popular recreation areas in the Rocky Mountains of the United States and Canada. Schmidt mentions resort hotels, camping areas, cultural events, climate, and wildlife in each area. It’s a useful guide worth its cost. , DataTimes MEMO: You can contact Fenton Roskelley by voice mail at 459-5577, extension 3814.

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You can contact Fenton Roskelley by voice mail at 459-5577, extension 3814.

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