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She Can’t Expect Him To Be Perfectly Frank

Sun., June 1, 1997, midnight

These days, it seems like everybody has some advice to offer about what Kathie Lee Gifford should do - including the “other woman” herself, Suzen Johnson.

“It was never my intention to hurt Kathie Lee or her family,” the 46-year-old former flight attendant says in the Globe tabloid, which allegedly paid her $75,000 for her videotaped romp with Frank Gifford.

“I would ask her to forgive him and not divorce him,” Johnson continued. “It must be more painful for Kathie Lee that I’m a mature woman - about her age - not some 20-year-old Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

“I know he loves Kathie Lee in his own way,” Johnson says. “But she’s got to understand that she can’t smother him. He’s a man who needs his freedom.”

Loose talk

Rep. Mike Pappas, R-N.J., speaking against legislation proposed by maritally troubled Rep. Joe Kennedy, D-Mass.: “My fellow Republicans, I hope you will join me in voting against Congressman Kennedy’s annulment … I mean amendment.”

He’s getting to be one of those old bucks

Pat Boone turns 63 today.

Guess one good turncoat deserves another

Globe editor Tony Frost says he turned down a $250,000 offer for the Gifford video, insisting “we are not planning to commercially exploit the situation.” However, he will pass on an audiotape to Kathie Lee nemesis Howard Stern. “He asked for it,” Frost explained, “and he has given considerable air time to the Globe’s exclusives.”

He sure seems to have taken the initiative

Frank Gifford, by the way, appears on the cover of the just-released National Fatherhood Initiative annual report, along with the likes of James Earl Jones and Vice President Al Gore. Said a spokesman for the organization: “It’s an unfortunate bit of timing.”

It’s a reflection of his principal, er, principles

House Speaker Newt Gingrich, perhaps with that $300,000 loan from Bob Dole in mind, is busy with another book. His agent says there’s no contract, and the topic is still a bit hazy, but there is a working title: “The Lessons of Leadership.”

Well, better Jenny than Gene, we suppose

MTV vixen Jenny McCarthy will be featured on the July cover of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine - with her tongue decorated in a patriotic Stars-and-Stripes paint job.

Let’s hope he had his tongue in his cheek

Pat Boone, on the future (in the New York Observer): “The prophesies in the Bible make it seem to millions of us all around the world that we are in that final countdown. We’re heading to one-world government, one-world economy, and an Antichrist world dictatorship. Some say it’s bleak, but to me it’s not. I’m an optimist. It’s like I just had a root canal the other day, and I detested the idea, but it had to be handled … And now I’m entering a new era in my mouth.”

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