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Clinton Lawyer Retreats On Jones’ Past Sex Life Bennett Says He’s ‘Not Planning An Attack’

President Clinton’s lawyer backed down Wednesday from threats to explore Paula Jones’ sexual history if her harassment suit against Clinton comes to trial.

“Paula Jones’ past sex life is irrelevant to this case,” attorney Robert S. Bennett told NBC News.

Jones’ attorney, Gil Davis, said he welcomed Bennett’s apparent change of heart.

“It is about time they stopped this totally outrageous, intimidating and distracting conduct and focused on the real issues in this case,” Davis said.

Bennett told The Associated Press: “I’m not a fool. I’m not planning an attack on this woman’s sexual history. What she puts into evidence and what she makes relevant, I’ll have to make those decisions down the line … but it’s my intention to take the high ground.”

Bennett touched off a political controversy a week after the Supreme Court cleared the way for Jones’ lawsuit.

During a Sunday appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Bennett said a trial would be a “two-way street.”

Organizations such as the National Organization for Women and the Independent Women’s Forum criticized Bennett, saying the threat undermined President Clinton’s commitment to equality for women.