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Strollers Help Moms Get In Shape

Sun., June 15, 1997

New mothers weary of stationary bike saddle sores, bored with their treadmills and exhausted from stair-climbing machines are starting to feel the burn behind baby strollers.

Fitness trainer Kristen McAuliffe started “strollerobics” classes in May at a neighborhood park as an option for busy new moms who want to shape up and keep their babies nearby.

“I noticed that women who worked out before and during their pregnancy suddenly stopped coming to class when they had the baby,” she said.

The 50-minute workout starts like other aerobics classes, with marching-in-place and stretching. Push-ups, step-ups and triceps dips are done on park benches.

Mothers use a stroller with a baby or two inside for balance when performing squats, lunges and leg lifts. They push strollers as they jog laps around the park’s flower garden.

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