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Harvard Wordsmith Takes D.C. By Storm

The annual college speechwriters draft doesn’t get as much publicity as the pro basketball or football drafts. But this year there’s been much talk about a promising wordsmith out of Harvard named Andrei Cherny. Some scouts say Cherny, who can sling a 100-mph metaphor, could be far better than even Ted Sorensen or Peggy Noonan.

Word is the White House and House Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt, D-Mo., jousted big-time over the youngster. Vice President Al Gore and President Clinton, who read some of Cherny’s writings for the college paper, were determined not to let Gephardt get Cherny. Gore won out in an extraordinary effort for a kid who’s signed on to be a junior speechwriter.

Looks like the 2000 primary season is just around the corner.

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