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Stuffed Bushman Taken From Exhibit

A nearly six-year campaign to shut down a museum exhibit of a stuffed African Bushman scored a partial victory last week, when the mayor of the town where it has been displayed agreed to remove it temporarily from view.

The body, which was dug out of a fresh grave in 1830 by two French explorers and then embalmed, stands 4-1/2 feet tall inside a glass case, where it has been shown wearing a loincloth and carrying a spear and shield. It has been exhibited for more than a century, first in France and since 1916 in Banyoles, Spain.

The news was greeted with some satisfaction by the leader of the campaign, Dr. Alphonse Arcelin.

“It’s a step forward,” said Arcelin, 60. “But I want it to be removed permanently and returned to its country for burial or cremation.”

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