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Legislative Action

Signed by governor

HB1 (Simpson) Imposes same penalty for escape from an unsecured juvenile facility as from a secure one.

HB9 (Simpson) Makes technical corrections in dentistry law.

HB12 (Simpson) Provides for confidentiality of driver’s license and vehicle registration information.

HB5 (Simpson) Reduces to 0.02 the bloodalcohol blood level for someone under 21 to be charged with drunken boating.

HB40 (Simpson) Clarifies that any state detention facility for juvenile is a stateoperated secure facility.

HB42 (Simpson) Allows juveniles charged as adults to be held in an adult county jail.

HB37 (Simpson) Makes technical changes in the Juvenile Corrections Act.

HB26 (Simpson) Allows dental hygienists two years to accumulate hours for licensing.

HB74 (Simpson) Requires county jailers to receive POST Academy training.

HB88 (Revenue and Taxation) Repeals intrastate special fuels permit.

HB97 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Makes entering an unlocked vehicle or trailer to steal a crime.

HB10 (Simpson) Changes the name of the Commission on Women’s Programs to the Women’s Commission.

HB129 (Agricultural Affairs) Revises checkoff for peas and lentils.

HB130 (Transportation and Defense) Extends the driving time for those under 16 to 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.

HB127 (Clark) Authorizes cities to scan records optically.

HB136 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Prohibits cell phone cloning.

HB75 (Simpson) Authorizes creation of a genetic-DNA data base within the Department of Law Enforcement.

HB87 (Revenue and Taxation) Includes special fuels in definition of motor fuels.

HB135 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Removes the attorney general as chairman of the shorthand reporters hearing board.

HB170 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Makes it easier for police to make arrests at domestic disturbance scenes.

HB174 (Education) Extends early retirement offer to certain teachers left out of last year’s offer.

HB175 (Education) Revises the average daily attendance factor in the school aid distribution formula.

HB179 (Agricultural Affairs) Makes livestock dealers responsible for transactions by their agents.

HB180 (Agricultural Affairs) Imposes a penalty for transporting livestock before acquiring a brand inspection.

HB207 (Health and Welfare) Revises policies for liens on property when applications for financial assistance are filed for medical assistance with the county commission.

HB210 (Transportation and Defense) Repeals the underground storage tank technician certification act.

HB222 (Business) Repeals county business license requirements for pawnbrokers license in a city.

HB266 (Environmental Affairs) Defines supplemental environmental project and allows its consideration in enforcement cases.

HB245 (Transportation and Defense) Creates the Bureau of Hazardous Materials and Emergency Response Commission in the National Guard.

HB278 (Health and Welfare) Allows state to license dentists licensed in other states.

HB286 (Agricultural Affairs) Increases membership of the Beef Council.

HB317 (Revenue and Taxation) Revises handling of annexation in calculating property tax budgetary cap.

HB330 (State Affairs) Limits existing electrician licensing law.

HB339 (Appropriations) Makes an emergency appropriation to the Insurance Fund.

HB340 (Appropriations) Reduces the state aid package to public schools for the current school year.

SB1022 (Judiciary and Rules) Adds a judge to the First Judicial District.

SB1024 (Judiciary and Rules) Raises the pay for nonattorney magistrates.

SB1029 (Judiciary and Rules) Makes it a misdemeanor to buy beer for someone under 21.

HB1030 (Judiciary and Rules) Requires a copy of the domestic violence protection order to be served on the respondent.

SB1031 (Judiciary and Rules) Establishes the same standards for making a drunken driving arrest as for a felony arrest.

SB1041 (Commerce and Human Resources) Defines electrology.

SB1042 (Commerce and Human Resources) Sets guidelines for employee drug and alcohol testing.

SB1043 (Commerce and Human Resources) Excludes lump sum payments at time of separation in retirement calculations.

SB1059 (Judiciary and Rules) Sets uniform fee for bounced checks.

SB1072 (Judiciary and Rules) Allows judges to elect reduced retirement benefit to give benefit to spouse upon death.

SB1076 (State Affairs) Sets criteria for digital retention of paper documents.

SB1086 (State Affairs) Requires prior approval before charging customers for payper-telephone-calls.

SB1094 (Commerce and Human Resources) Extends workers’ compensation to temporary and professional employers.

SB1106 (Judiciary and Rules) Authorizes detention of status offender who violates court sentencing decree.

SB1143 (Transportation) Increases penalties for multiple truck weight or size violations.

Sent to governor

SB1152 (Commerce and Human Resources) Recognizes land ownership on evidence admissible in civil trials.

SB1079 (Local Government and Taxation) Exempts center for independent living transactions from sales taxes.

SB1151 (Commerce and Human Resources) Establishes a coordinated system of liens for the state.

SB1112 (State Affairs) Sets up a procedure for office holders to change political party affiliation.

SB1244 (State Affairs) Essentially recognizes the Western Governors University.

SB1153 (Commerce and Human Resources) Assesses workers’ compensation insurers for the second injury fund.

SB1154 (Commerce and Human Resources) Extends the optional retirement plan to the two-year public schools.

SB1158 (Commerce and Human Resources) Allows cities and counties to cooperatively establish third party administration of retirement plans.

SB1252 (State Affairs) Sets taxable wage bases for unemployment taxes at $21,000 for 1997 and increases benefits.

SB1104 (Judiciary and Rules) Provides for award of attorneys fees and costs to prevailing parties in contempt actions.

SB1018 (Judiciary and Rules) Makes public records of juveniles charged with crimes that would be felonies if committed by adults.

SB1054 (Health and Welfare) Authorizes the Health and Welfare Department to order genetic testing to establish paternity.

SB1061 (Judiciary and Rules) Allows courts to determine whether child support should be paid beyond requirements for medical coverage.

SB1062 (Judiciary and Rules) Conforms Idaho Uniform Intestate Family Support Act with federal law.

SB1108 (Judiciary and Rules) Provides immunity from liability for appointed visitors in guardianship cases.

SB1209 (Judiciary and Rules) Expands the definition of incapacity for guardianships or conservatorships.

SB1210 (Judiciary and Rules) Allows termination of trust assets valued under $25,000.

SB1211 (Judiciary and Rules) Clarifies when affidavits may be used in collection of estate assets.

SB1150 (Commerce and Human Resources) Creates a state framework for regulating managed care programs.

SB1132 (Resources and Environment) Authorizes a $10 fee for pheasant hunting on wildlife management areas.

SB1189 (Resources and Environment) Toughens penalties against flagrant poachers.

SB1234 (State Affairs) Approves the comprehensive state water plan for the South Fork of the Snake River Basin.

Confirmed By Senate

Janet Jenkins, Post Falls to the Board of Correction.

Jay Kunze, Pocatello to the Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Review Panel Suzanne Budget Schaefer, Boise to the Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Review Panel.

Mark Von Lindern, Lewiston to the Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Review Panel.

Legislative action complete

HCR8 (Environmental Affairs) Urges the Health and Welfare Department to revise ground water quality rules.

HJM2 (Resources and Conservation) Endorses Gov. Phil Batt’s opposition to grizzly bear reintroduction.

HJM6 (State Affairs) Asks for federal funds to manage state interests in the aftermath of wolf reintroduction.

HCR17 (Ways and Means) Rejects Transportation Board increase in the penalty points against motorists violating construction zone speed limits.

HCR18 (Ways and Means) Rejects Transportation Board rules on airport operations.

Introduced in House

HCR28 (Appropriations) Authorizes use of the State Building Authority’s bonding power to finance prison expansion.

HB405 (Ways and Means) Clarifies that optometrists are allowed to treat superficial eye conditions but not perform laser surgery.

HB406 (Appropriations) Allocates additional money to the Department of Juvenile Corrections for the current and next budget years.

Introduced in Senate

SB1286 (Finance) Makes an emergency $298,000 appropriation to the Parks and Recreation Department.

SB1287 (Finance) Makes an emergency $20,000 appropriation to the Sheep and Goat Disease Indemnity Fund.

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