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Lawyer Tries To Claim Death Benefits For Ron Goldman

A lawyer has filed a workers compensation claim against Mezzaluna restaurant, where Ronald Goldman worked, seeking the waiter’s $95,000 death benefits.

“I didn’t file the claim from a dogooder’s standpoint,” said Nick O’Malley, who cites an obscure legal principle that lets private citizens file legal action on the state’s behalf.

He could get 15 percent of any sum the state recovers from the restaurant. The rest would go to a special state fund for injured workers. O’Malley did not immediately return calls to his Santa Ana office on Saturday.

Goldman was stabbed to death with Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. Goldman’s father said he is outraged. “Obviously, this guy sees an opportunity to make money for himself,” Fred Goldman told the Los Angeles Times.

A key element for a successful benefit claim is whether the death was work-related. O’Malley said Goldman was killed while performing a task for his employer, returning sunglasses to Nicole Simpson.


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