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One Of Two ‘Polite’ Robbery Suspects Arrested

Police captured a suspect Tuesday in the case of the “polite robbers,” two men wanted for a series of robberies at homes in a wealthy Washington suburb.

The men, said to have British or Australian accents, have robbed eight homes since January, getting in by using garage door openers left in cars or simply walking in through unlocked doors. The masked robbers demanded cash from the homeowners at gunpoint, but harmed no one.

Indeed, they left one house empty-handed on Sunday after the owners could produce just $6 in cash. The robbers gave it back.

Police said no charges had been filed yet against the man arrested Tuesday. They were searching for a companion who eluded them after a chase.

One earlier victim described the duo as “polite,” and another said the men were so nice he felt bad that he did not have more cash on hand.

But Montgomery County police spokeswoman Ann Evans said, “We don’t consider them to be gentlemen bandits. We consider them to be armed robbers.”