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Simpson ‘Cooperative’ As Valuables Hauled Off Deputies Bring Moving Trucks To Satisfy Civil Suit Verdict

Sat., March 29, 1997

Justice came calling at O.J. Simpson’s walled estate in Brentwood with two empty moving vans.

Sheriff’s deputies showed up to collect property worth an estimated $500,000 to satisfy a portion of the $33.5 million judgment against him.

They carted off 200 items in all: football jerseys with No. 32, footballs and trophies. They took O.J.’s golf clubs, a silver fox stroller coat, Baccarat crystal vases, goblets, Limoges china and more.

But the search was also notable for what deputies couldn’t find: the Heisman Trophy won by Simpson in 1968.

“We looked around and it wasn’t there,” said Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Stoneman.

Tracked down later in the day at the Encino Golf Course where he played 18 holes, Simpson declined comment.

Nor did Simpson offer an explanation to deputies for the missing Heisman or other items, such as the former NFL great’s Hall of Fame ring and the Andy Warhol portraits.

The $64,000 Chevy Suburban? It was sold.

Simpson will have seven days to either come up with the items or explain to Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki why some of the 500 items listed in a court order could not be turned over.

Simpson, who was found liable in the 1994 deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in a civil trial, stayed to answer deputies’ questions until about noon.

“He was very cooperative,” Stoneman said of Simpson’s demeanor.


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