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Sat., March 29, 1997

Q. I know twins ordinarily arrive earlier than single babies. But how much earlier?

A. About 24 days, typically.

Why “strong as an ox”? A camel can carry twice as much weight.

Q. Who was the first U.S. President to have his photo taken?

A. John Quincy Adams.

Our language man expects “computerate” to replace “computer literate.”

According to the historical footnotes, helmets were introduced into warfare by Ethiopians who wore skulls of horses on their heads when they went into battle.

I doubt that anybody else in the world wields a pair of scissors faster than a sardine packer.

Q. How long ago was it that Tibetans routinely disposed of their dead by carting the remains up a hill, chopping them into little pieces, and feeding them to the birds?

A. As recently as the 1950s.

Jogging as a daily exercise goes back a little further than most think. It’s a matter of record that Theodore Roosevelt jogged daily around the Washington monument.

Over the gateway of Cemetery Ridge, burial grounds for Civil War dead, hangs this sign: “Anyone using firearms within these walls will be prosecuted by the utmost of the law.”

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