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Buoyant Titanic Delays Play Preview

For once, the Titanic really was unsinkable.

The musical production “Titanic,” based on the epic ocean liner disaster of 1912, had to cancel its preview Thursday night because the ship wouldn’t sink, the Daily News reported Friday.

Fridays night’s performance also was canceled to work on what publicist Susanne Tighe described as complex technical aspects. “They need more time to get the movement of the ship right,” she said.

The Titanic’s running into an iceberg and sinking, onstage, are among the intended special effects of the multimillion-dollar production.

Opening night is scheduled for April 23, provided the glitches can be eliminated.

Peter Stone and Maury Yeston, the writer and composer, have described the theme of the show as the contrast between the rich passengers on the upper decks and the poor below.

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