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Burks-Weidinger Leslie Weidinger, Mead, and Jason Burks, Fort Worth, Texas, plan to marry Aug. 30.

Miller-MacDonald Robin Eileen MacDonald, Spokane, and Daniel Kevin Miller, Seattle, plan to marry in August 1998.

Justus-Carmical Kara L. Carmical, Redmond, Wash., and Dean J. Justus, Woodinville, Wash., plan to marry Aug. 23.

Justus-Johnson Roberta C. Johnson and Douglas W. Justus Jr., plan to marry July 18.

Moffitt-Neely Donya Neely and Phil Moffitt, both of Spokane, plan to marry in May 1998.

Johnson-Emmel Erin Rebecca Emmel, Liberty Lake, and David Michael Johnson, Chattaroy, plan to marry Aug. 8.

Mazur-Morrison Amy Margaret Morrison, Spokane, and Matthew Mazur, Fort Wingate, N.M., plan to marry July 1998.

Johnson-Clark Shelby Clark and Scott Johnson, both of Spokane, plan to marry Nov. 15.

Kachel-Patton Angela Dawn Patton, San Antonio, Texas, and Kenneth James Kachel, Colbert, plan to marry May 17.

Sprung-Sullivan Kristi J. Sullivan and Vincint L. Sprung, both of Spokane, plan to marry Aug. 23.

Guenther-Hunter Stacie Marie Hunter and Brian Todd Guenther, both of Spokane, plan to marry Sept. 28.

Wills-Stipe Steve Wills and Ronni Stipe, both of Spokane, plan to marry April 4, 1998.

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