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Sexist Attitudes Have No Place In Today’s World

Mon., May 5, 1997

As we grow into adulthood, we have a responsibility to raise our children and siblings with the knowledge that they exist because of a special woman.

I am not some guy feminist who is obsessed with women’s rights and other women’s issues. But I am a person who believes that women are just as equal as men.

When I think of a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman, the first person that comes to mind is my mother. Through all of life’s challenges, she’s maintained a strong sense of inner pride.

I also think of my grandmother - on my mother’s side. She raised 12 children in Mississippi and endured the brutal racism of the deep south.

It has become too obvious lately that many people do not recognize how important women are.

Women like my mother and grandmother deserve total respect and admiration for what they have been through and what they will endure in the future.

It seems obvious, but people should realize that women, along with the help of God, bring life into this world.

Too many movies and songs feature words that are harmful toward women. Think about it! Most of us probably never met a woman worthy of such degrading language.

When I think of a “ho” I think of a woman who sells her body for money and is probably pretty foul.

My mother and my grandmother, and probably the women in your family too, are definitely not “hos.” Unfortunately that is how they are often referred to in movies and music videos.

Young women who have been brought up lacking self-respect often force themselves to endure the demeaning names spat upon them by their male and female counterparts. That’s sad.

I think we have an obligation to heal the wounds of those hurt by this type of ignorance. We must be a positive influence even if friends and popular culture encourage negative stereotypes about women. That reparation will be the key to ending sexism.

We must repair the damage done by decades of sexist and misogynistic attitudes and try to make the next generation one that respects all individuals - men and women alike.


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