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‘Mr. Hospitality’ Gets Award, But 2 Rivals No-Shows

No one sang “Auld Lang Syne” when the three principals in the hostile takeover of Western Frontiers in 1983 were honored Monday for tourism achievements. In fact, Duane Hagadone and Jerry Jaeger sent stand-ins to pick up their awards at the Coeur d’Alene/ Post Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau luncheon. Brad Hagadone subbed for papa; Bill Reagan for Jaeger, who was on a Mediterranean cruise celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary. But Bob Templin accepted his award in person. “Mr. Hospitality” was the odd man out in the ‘80s tug of war. Said Mr. T: “I’m deeply disappointed that Jerry isn’t here today. He’s not doing what his boss says to do. Doesn’t he know you’re supposed to spend that money at home?”

McManus sighting

Also honored by the welcome-wagon crowd was outdoor writer Pat McManus. Said Pat: “I’m here because I don’t have the money to get out of North Idaho.” Badabump. Onward. … At the North Idaho Student-Teacher Achievement Recognition banquet Wednesday, area principals joked about one another’s hair or lack thereof - until Sandpoint High School Principal A.C. Woolnough approached the podium. “I’d like to start with a joke, but I’m from Bonner County.” Down came the house. … Bonner County teachers have ordered 300 bumper snickers bearing the quip suggested in Huckleberries Last: “Pray for me - I teach in Bonner County.”

Mistaken identity

Jim Facciano, Lake City High School soccer coach, was peeved when the Sandpoint High School announcer introduced him as “David Tabakman.” Not only did Dave coach soccer at rival Coeur d’Alene High School last fall but he also resigned afterward. Tabakman was replaced by John Smith, who attended the Memorial Field match and probably enjoyed the PA faux pas more than the fuming Facciano did. … So, what do you do when you scratch an itch and stumble across a hair roller? North Idaho College art instructor Lisa Lynes lectured on without missing a brush stroke. This, according to the NIC Sentinel. … Even a confirmed Bloomophobe like the Huckleberry Hound appreciates the effort by CdA’s Stevenalan Pierce, who finished 942nd, 22,302nd, 48,517th and 49,437th at Bloomsday ‘97. That’s right; he ran the course four times and managed to beat the last stragglers. Now, bring out the straitjacket.

Man, what a woman

At a Dalton Gardens yard sale on April 26, a matron eyed a scenic painting for a moment and then said to the homeowner: “Of course, you know who painted this?” She continued after her host shrugged: “It was painted by a doctor who became a woman. He was tall for a man - even taller for a woman, particularly when he had on his high heels.” She received the original oil for free.


Extra! Extra! North Idaho has more LUST sites than any other region in Idaho. For those keeping score at home, that’s bureaucratese for leaking underground storage tanks. … Yes, the reception area at U.S. Rep. “Give-‘em-Helen” Chenoweth’s Coeur d’Alene office really does have this sign: “Hug a logger - you’ll never go back to trees.” … When asked to name sports heroes, Lake City High Schoolers picked Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Dennis Rodman. So much for racism here and - in Rodman’s case - genderism. … There’s a reason state Rep. Hilde Kellogg’s coffee cup at the Statehouse says, “Shut up! Save oxygen!” She thinks lawmakers who talk too much don’t get anywhere. … According to a news flash from Templin’s Resort, Employee of the Month Chuck Craig started work in May 1995 - as “a panty cook.” Yeow.

Parting shot

After reading about the myriad government problems in Bonner County, a cyberspace respondent observes: “Have you noticed how the initials of Bonner County - B.C. - seem to say it all?”

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The following fields overflowed: CREDIT = D.F. Oliveria The Spokesman-Review

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