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Young Musicians Honored At Allied Arts Festival

Here are more winners in this week’s Greater Spokane Music and Allied Arts Festival.

Reed division:

Class 101, ensemble, section 2 - Silver, certificate of award, Classax I: Chelsea Luker, Dan Weeks, Shane Roberts, Craig Miller.

Flute division:

Class 101, ensemble, grade 5, college - gold, superior: NCW Flute Team Octet No. 3 - Mary Jensen, April Salminen, Melonie Scheibner, Christina Platt, Ann Foreman, Stephanie Frederick, Stephanie Mills, Joni Derifield. Silver, superior: NCW Flute Team Octet No. 2 - April Salminen, Stephanie Frederick, Mary Jensen, Katie Head, Lindsay Craven, Amanda Viebrock, Natalie Marquess, Tanya Crawford. Silver, superior: NCW Flute Team Quintet - Mary Jensen, April Salminen, Melonie Schiebner, Ann Foreman, Christina Platt. Silver, superior: Duo Concertante - Marisa Neste, Bethany Schoeff.

Class 10, solo, sonata, grades 11-12 - gold, superior: Allison Lancaster.

Class 8, sonata-concerto, grades 11-12 - gold, superior: Karyl Sands.

Class 9, concerto in D, first movement, Mozart, grades 9-10 - gold, superior: Allison Bacon.

Flute division:

Class 5, solo, grades 11-12 - gold, superior: Deidra Hester. Silver, superior: Stacey Hockett, Marisa Neste, Adrian Pauw, Heidi Reynen.

Class 2, solo, grades 4-5 - gold, superior: Kristen Ridl. Silver, superior: Rachel Williams.

String division:

Class 9, open concerto, grade school, violin - certificate of award: EdKelly Sanford.

Class 2, solo, level 1, violin - silver: Sharon Wherland, Megan Guichard.

Class 18, string-piano sonata, grades 9-12 - violin, certificate of award: Sarah Scales.

Class 25, open, grades 11-12, violin - certificate of award: Heidi Spring.

Class 23, open, grades 7-8, violin - certificate of award: Joshua Czoski.

Voice division:

Class 17, Italian, grades 7-8 - silver, excellent: Jeffrey Hill, Rachel Romine.

Class 18, Italian, grades 9-10 - silver, excellent: Alicia Hill, Sarah Peck, Alicia Hamp.

Class 4, solo, grade 7 - silver, excellent: Jeffrey Hill, Ilea Wilson.

Class 24, musical theater, grades 7-8 - gold, superior: MacKenzie Kappa, Amanda Zahara.

Class 8A-B, solo, grade 11 - gold, superior: Sandra Agans. Silver, excellent: Jennifer Cameron, Andrea Corbett, Melissa Hawkins, Jane Nall.

Class 5, solo, grade 8 - gold, superior: Amanda Zahara. Silver, excellent: Sarah Gentle, Joe Lienhard, Jade Redinger.

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