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Kaczynski Defense Blasts Warrants Lawyers Say Agents Lied, Ask Judge To Quash Evidence

Sat., May 24, 1997

Theodore Kaczynski’s attorneys demanded Friday that a judge throw out all evidence taken from the Unabomber suspect’s Montana cabin, saying federal agents lied to get warrants to search it.

Attorney Judy Clarke said federal agents had twisted the results of DNA testing and the chronology of events to get the search warrant for Kaczynski’s ramshackle cabin.

“They lied to the judge, they misled the judge,” she said. “There not only is no probable cause, there’s hardly even a suspicion.”

If the defense request is granted, it would deprive the government of some of its most important ammunition, including the original manuscript of the Unabomber’s 35,000-word “manifesto” and a journal in which Kaczynski allegedly says he was responsible for the 23 bombings attributed to the Unabomber.

Special U.S. Attorney J. Douglas Wilson defended the request for the warrant. “There was no intent to mislead, or a reckless disregard for the truth,” he said.

U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. did not immediately rule.

Kaczynski attended Friday’s hearing, the first time he has appeared in court since shortly after the case was moved to Sacramento last summer.

Robert Blasier, a Sacramento attorney who handled DNA arguments for the defense in O.J. Simpson’s criminal and civil trials, was also seated at the defense table.

It was not clear whether Blasier had signed on to the defense team, and he declined to comment.

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