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Parents Find Surrogate To Have Daughter’s Baby

Julie Garber’s parents have decided not to let death get in the way of their becoming grandparents.

Garber died of leukemia last December at 29. Her parents have found a surrogate to carry her fertilized eggs and a family to adopt and raise the baby, prospective grandmother Jean Garber said Friday.

If all goes as expected, the baby may well be the first child born of an egg left behind by a dead mother, according to the family attorney and outside experts.

Single and stricken with leukemia, Garber wanted nothing more than to have a baby. Fearing the cancer would destroy her chances, she decided to find a surrogate mother to bear her a child. Twelve of Garber’s eggs were extracted and fertilized by a sperm bank donor.

But Garber died before she could complete the plan. So her parents decided to go ahead with it.

Several women have delivered their own granddaughters because their daughters couldn’t carry their own babies to term. Dead fathers have also had children from sperm left behind. But officials could cite no other cases in which a dead woman’s frozen eggs were carried to term by a surrogate.