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U.S. Army Has Units In 100 Countries

From Bosnia to Botswana to Bolivia, U.S. Army deployments around the globe reached the 100-country mark this week for the first time in history.

Army officials noted the milestone Friday and invited reporters to visit the “bunker,” a rarely seen briefing room in the Army Operations Center in the Pentagon where every Army operation at home and abroad is tracked continuously.

Col. Louis Huddleston, the Army’s chief of current operations, said 33,152 soldiers are deployed on 1,229 missions in 100 countries, the biggest being the approximately 8,000 GIs doing peacekeeping duty in Bosnia. The smallest is a one-soldier mission in Brunei making sanitary inspections at commercial establishments.

Last year at this time U.S. soldiers were deployed in about 80 countries, he said.

Those totals are for temporary missions away from a soldier’s home base. They do not include approximately 65,000 soldiers at permanent bases in Germany, 37,000 on permanent station in South Korea and about 7,400 in Panama.

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