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And Now A Monkey Will Squat On Jay’s Shoulder

Jay Leno, we kid you not, is a big fan of Jack Paar - one of the original hosts of the “Today” show that Leno now rules over.

“When you watch that Jack Paar special he did where he holds 15- or 20-minute conversations with someone, I really enjoy that,” Leno told the Hollywood Reporter.

Of course, because of his ratings battle with David Letterman, Leno doesn’t have the latitude to converse with anyone about anything for more than a few seconds at a stretch.

“Sometimes people will criticize both me and Dave for the manic pace of the show,” he said. “Unfortunately, yeah, that’s probably true because people sit there with the clicker in their hand and unless you tease the next segment, unless you tell them what’s coming and keep the whole thing moving at 60 mph, people doze off or they go elsewhere.”

Loose talk

Isabelle Adjani, jury head of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, on what makes a good movie: “Simply, the majority of the most interesting filmmakers are the ones confronted with difficult situations. Their creativity blows a hole in the wall and lets in the light.”

What’s he gonna do now? He’s going to Wayne’s World!

Mike Myers turns 34 today.

We suggest he get into Marrieds Anonymous

Talk-show host Larry King is a marriage addict. His latest planned nuptials (it will be his seventh) is scheduled for Dec. 12. His intended: Shawn Southwick.

Right next to her lawyer’s phone number

Want to keep a troublesome mate in tow? Do what Pamela Anderson Lee did. To keep Tommy Lee in line, she had a copy of her divorce petition taped to their refrigerator.

How about Jewel to blow out your candle?

What celebrity would you most want to attend your birthday party? According to a survey by Carvel Ice Cream, Chelsea Clinton heads the list. Others include Tiger Woods, Xena the Princess Warrior (actress Lucy Lawless), Darth Vader and Michael Jordan.

They still sing the blues in Kansas City

When the rock group U2 filmed a video at a downtown highway interchange in Kansas City, Mo., traffic was snarled for hours. Still, not everyone was complaining. “They apparently like our skyline, and their video shoot here will generate as much as a half-million dollars for the local economy,” Mayor Emanuel Cleaver said. “It also enhances our growing film industry. I hope that people understand that with growth there is sometimes a little inconvenience.”

As always, he has a hard time with the word liberal

What’s it like spending time with Ronald Reagan, the 86-year-old former president who is suffering from Alzheimer’s? “He’s still my dad, and he’s still himself, which you know is a good thing,” Ron Reagan said Tuesday. “Obviously, he has a certain diminished capacity for certain things. He has trouble finding words.”

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