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Geyser Spouts Off

Sun., May 25, 1997, midnight

Natural resources

Wet weather apparently is good news for geyser gazers. After about 40 years of occasional eruptions, Yellowstone’s Giant Geyser reawakened last fall and has erupted roughly every 10 days or so since.

Longtime observers have noted close ties between Giant Geyser and Bijou, Mastiff and Catfish geysers, all of which share a broad platform built by minerals deposited during past eruptions.

Giant Geyser erupts and jets water nearly 200 feet high - about twice the height of Old Faithful.

Giant was apparently very active when early explorers probed Yellowstone, but the eruptions became infrequent in 1955.

Eruptions last an hour and eject a million gallons of water.

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