May 25, 1997 in Idaho

Idaho Records



Shoshone County

Gene Covey, Osburn, addition, valued at $12,433.

Bear Creek Crafters, Wallace, roof, valued at $8,000

Al Martin, French Gulch, trailer cover and carport, valued at $15,717.

Tom Chambers, Kingston, quonset hut, valued at $5,815.

Coeur d’Alene

Strait Line Construction, 3063 Ryan, residence addition, valued at $25,000.

Viking Construction, 2660 Thomas Hill, residence, valued at $156,000.

Homebuilt Construction, 1421 Queen Ann, residence, valued at $90,000.

Jessi Wright, 3617 Hillcrest Circle, deck roof, valued at $5,500.

Sainsbury Construction, 4908 Industrial Way, commercial footing and foundation, valued at $5,000.

William McNeil, 2867 White Pines, residence, valued at $99,000.

Mike Karlgaard, 1308 Coeur d’Alene Ave., residence, valued at $10,630.

Dwayne Burwick, 312 Dollar St., residence addition, valued at $18,033.

Viking Construction, 4287 Alderbrook, residence, valued at $142,821.

Greenstone Construction, 5864 Harcourt, residence, valued at $103,000.

Kootenai County

Steve Gobin, Post Falls, residence, valued at $200,385.

George Ullrich, Coeur d’Alene, residence, valued at $392,161.

Julie Chadderdon, Hayden, residence, valued at $85,026.

Ronald Morey, Hayden, residence, valued at $166,655.

William Dexter, Athol, residence addition, valued at $39,256.

Rick Chapman, Athol, residence, valued at $126,388.

Brian Petersen, Coeur d’Alene, residence, valued at $128,267.

Doug and Ann Staker, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $156,613.

Paul Kienbaum, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $23,624.

Jeanne Hom, Athol, residence, valued at $114,769.

William Johnson, Post Falls, residence addition, valued at $45,000.

Burnel McGlocklin, Hayden, residence, valued at $120,710.

Michael McCormack, Coeur d’Alene, residence addition, valued at $25,568.

Tracy Bockstruck, Post Falls, residence addition and pole barn, valued at $22,431.

Lakes Highway District, Kootenai County, Hayden Lake, industrial, valued at $28,090.

R & R Construction, Athol, residence, valued at $65,866.

Jay Ellis, Coeur d’Alene, residence addition, valued at $48,639.

Toribio Armijo, Post Falls, pole barn, valued at $12,276.

Randall Rector, Athol, pole barn, valued at $29,106.

Larry Sherman, Athol, residence, valued at $82,579.

Eric Clark, Rathdrum, pole barn, valued at $18,600.

Sonia Thyssen, Post Falls, pole barn, valued at $6,696.

William Reynolds, Post Falls, pole barn, valued at $22,320.

Joseph Kamps, Coeur d’Alene, commercial, valued at $9,900.

Earl Smith, Athol, two garages/carports, valued at $11,256.

Becky and Donn Leens, Athol, garage, valued at $12,027.

Alberta Woodhead, Rathdrum, residence addition, valued at $6,104.

Benjamin Mitson, Coeur d’Alene, residence re-roof, valued at $11,695.

Paul Berger, Harrison, garage/carport, valued at $10,423.

Oram Kramer, Coeur d’Alene, residence, valued at $162,670.

Timber Construction Inc., Rathdrum, residence, valued at $73,043.

Darryl and Niki White, Hayden, residence, valued at $150,422.

Jack Hornbarger, Harrison, residence, valued at $97,277.

Dwight Wilson, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $142,022.

Monty Spencer, Athol, residence, valued at $110,619.

Alex D’Andrea, Cataldo, residence, valued at $124,986.

Louis Becker, Rathdrum, residence addition, valued at $21,565.

Thermal Dynamic Towers Inc., Rathdrum, industrial valued at $119,254.

Dayne Hanna, Coeur d’Alene, garage/ carport, valued at $17,640.

Earl Mastin, Cataldo, residence, addition, valued at $8,618.

Robert Rickel, Athol, pole barn, valued at $26,784.

Jerrold Flowers, Worley, garage/carport, valued at $23,130.

Gary Brummett, Rathdrum, garage/carport, valued at $20,413.

Daniel Bligh, Hayden, pool, valued at $23,439.

Math Follmer, Post Falls, pole barn, valued at $8,035.

Mort Construction Inc., Post Falls, residence, valued at $66,863.

Twin Lakes Village Property Association, Rathdrum, commercial, valued at $9,472.

Inland Empire Girl Scout Council, Worley, commercial, valued at $43,098.

James Jacobsen, Athol, residence, valued at $116,834.

Ted Argraves, Post Falls, residence, valued at $125,955.

James Melena, Hayden, residence, valued at $125,335.

Denali Vandals Inc., Athol, residence, valued at $79,632.

Larry Sherman, Athol, residence, valued at $73,166.

Gary Moore, Worley, residence addition, valued at $29,377.

Norman Meyers, Hayden, garage/carport, valued at $33,677.

Davis Stryker, Coeur d’Alene, commercial, valued at $19,180.

Jerry Welch, Post Falls, pole barn, valued at $10,044.

Douglas Reed, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $83,831.

Richard Douglas, Rathdrum, garage/carport, valued at $13,878.

Kenny Frank, Harrison, pole barn, valued at $22,320.

L.R. Redfield, Coeur d’Alene, residence reroof, valued at $10,370.

Post Falls

Gordon Finch Homes Inc., 805 Riverside Harbor Drive, valued at $138,125.

Bob Guindon, 1206 Compton St., residence, valued at $87,072.

Shelter Associates, 3904 Shoreline Drive, residence deck, valued at $5,400.


Liquidation petitions

Kathleen Coker, Post Falls, debts of $72,686.

William and Hazel Graham, Kellogg, debts of $89,403.

Betty Baugh, Smelterville, debts of $9,154.

David Paul, Post Falls, debts of $63,549.

Kelly and Diana Smith, Kingston, debts of $58,155.

Kandy Short, Bonners Ferry, debts of $48,941.

Paul Combs, Post Falls, debts of $54,937.

Larry and Addie Pannell, Rathdrum, debts of $23,585.

Shirley Wilson, Post Falls, debts of $30,169.

Sherilyn Hennon, Coeur d’Alene, debts not specified.

Jean Dupin, Post Falls, debts not specified.

Dan and Leola Oswalt, Post Falls, debts of $165,887.

Shirley Jonas, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $7,656.

Marian Huff, Hayden, debts not specified.

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