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Is Seeing The Same As Believing? Author Of Visualization Thinks So, And She Has Proof

Sun., May 25, 1997

When Shakti Gawain first published her book “Creative Visualization” in 1978, she believed her techniques worked by mysteriously tinkering with external reality.

Today, she believes the shifts are primarily internal. Tapping the imagination to envision a dream - a long-desired trip, a great new job, a supportive mate - dissolves blocks and opens the mind to new possibilities, Gawain said in a recent telephone interview. Only then does the world begin to mirror the change.

“Doors seem to open where there weren’t any doors before,” said Gawain, who lives in Mill Valley, Calif.

Gawain, whose first book sold over 2 million copies, will be one of the main speakers during the Adventures in Body Mind & Spirit Expo next weekend at the Spokane Convention Center. Sponsored by Conscious Living, this event features two days of workshops, speakers and exhibits.

Keynote speakers will be James Van Praagh, a psychic medium who appears on NBC’s “The Other Side,” and Dannion Brinkley, author of “Saved By The Light.”

A large lineup of speakers will explore areas such as holistic health, metaphysics and spiritual and personal growth. Workshops will be presented on topics ranging from palmistry, the practice of reading palms, to feng shui, the practice of reading palms, to feng shui, the Chinese art of placement.

Gawain, who will speak at 1 p.m. Saturday , will guide participants in the use of her creative visualization techniques.

“The essence of all of them has to do with being able to imagine whatever it is that you want as if it were already true,” Gawain said.

People can do that by visualizing the details in their minds, by drawing a picture, writing out the scenario, or simply imagining the feelings the dream would create.

Gawain believes her techniques work all the time.

“I’ve had hundreds of people write me or come to my workshops and say they were diagnosed with serious or life-threatening illnesses and they are now healthy,” she said. “That’s very gratifying.”

Gawain used creative visualization in her own life and soon her visions came true: She had created a life of writing about those techniques and teaching them to others. One vision kept eluding her, however.

“The one thing I wanted more than anything was a good relationship with a man,” she said.

She focused on that dream for years.

“I’d wonder, why isn’t this happening? I’m doing my visualization. Why isn’t he showing up?

“I finally understood I needed to do a lot of deep emotional work first,” Gawain said.

She underwent a process of emotional healing and reached a point at last of feeling, “Now I’m ready.” Three weeks later, she met her husband.

“My personal feeling is life is always trying to bring us what we really want in our heart and soul,” Gawain said. “We’re just not really ready or open to it yet.”

Gawain’s lecture costs $30 in advance or $35 at the door. General admission to the expo is $6 per day.

Workshops are $20 in advance, $25 at the door, and keynote workshops are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. A VIP pass, sold only in advance for $75, includes a ticket to Gawain’s presentation plus admission to one workshop and one keynote workshop, and a two-day pass to the expo.

The expo includes exhibits, booksignings and psychic readings.

For more information, call Conscious Living at 624-1873.

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MEMO: This sidebar appeared with the story: GET CENTERED The Body Mind & Spirit Expo will be next Saturday and Sunday in the Spokane Convention Center.

This sidebar appeared with the story: GET CENTERED The Body Mind & Spirit Expo will be next Saturday and Sunday in the Spokane Convention Center.


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