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Advice for Tiger

Another big article on the front page of the sports section about Tiger Woods. This is a very talented young man, but do we have to be saturated every day telling us how great he is?

Now, since we know this and are going to hear it again on Barbara Walters, let me put in my two cents, for what it’s worth.

He has let us all know he is an African-American who has prevailed against great odds to get where he is today.

First of all, he is not an African-American from the ghetto. Far from it. Second, he is saying since he did it, you can too. I don’t think so! It is a well-known fact that golf is a rich man’s game. Of course, if you have the money you can go to the driving range every day and hit some golf balls. It takes more than that. Your poor young blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, would not, in a million years, be able to go into this sport.

Third, Tiger, put your money where your mouth is. There have to be young men and women out there with no money or influence to get them in the game. So all I see in the paper is how much more money and backers you have. Then do something with all your power, help these people get a chance. Who knows, there might be a young man or woman out there better than you!

We know you can do it. Now, help someone else. Priscilla J. Sunthimer Spokane

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