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Simpson Move Launches Appeal Of Civil Verdict

O.J. Simpson’s lawyer filed a notice Wednesday that the ex-football star intends to appeal his $33.5 million wrongful death verdict, the first step in challenging the civil jury’s decision.

Attorney Daniel Leonard filed the notice to appeal two days before a Friday deadline. He said the new phase of Simpson’s legal battle could last none months to a year.

Leonard said the actual appeal will be filed sometime this summer and will argue that Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki erred by admitting testimony about a lie detector test and evidence of an unauthenticated call to a women’s shelter by a woman named Nicole.

The appeal will also contend that the judge gave erroneous jury instructions and that the $33.5 million damage award is excessive, Leonard said.

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The families of the victims sued and won, and Simpson was held liable for the 1994 killings in civil court in February.

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