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Georgia Inventor Builds A Better Mouse

A Georgia inventor and company now offer an alternative to those who have been either leaning forward and grinding their teeth or trying to jury-rig a way to use the mouse from their lap.

John Stanfield’s “arm ease mouse tray” from Supply Side Inc. of East Point, Ga., is a specially designed tray that aims to let you put the mouse pretty much anywhere it’s comfortable for you. The tray has bands on its bottom that keep it from slipping, while a special gripper holds the mouse cable and lets the mouse have mobility.

Stanfield says he came up with the design when he was tinkering with ways to cut down on his own arm and hand fatigue.

The tray is 8 inches by 9.5 inches. It costs $12.95. For more information, call Supply Side (404-768-2033). Or write to the company at 2465 Maple St., Atlanta, Ga. 30344.