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He Has Definitely Been On The Hill Too Long

Sun., Nov. 2, 1997

The last time we saw Anita Hill and Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., he was accusing her of “flat-out perjury” during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in which she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

Well, they just happened to bump into each other on an airplane the other day, the Washington Post reported.

Specter “spoke to me as if the bad thing that happened at his hand didn’t really happen,” Hill said. “It was sort of chitchat. It was bizarre. … His reaction to me said that it had been part of his political game and it wasn’t personal.”

Specter’s response: “For me the hearings were a learning experience and I think for all Americans. And I think out of those hearings came a lot of progress in respecting women … and after six years plus I am just going to let it go at that.”

Loose talk

Jane Pauley, on her hubby, Garry “Doonesbury” Trudeau (in USA Weekend): “The big difference between us professionally is that I am absolutely wedded to the concept of objectivity and fairness, and Garry will point out that, as a satirist, unfairness is his stock and trade.”

How much do you suppose Specter respects her?

k.d. lang turns 36 today.

So, they were just strangers on that night?

Etiquette expert Letitia Baldridge, who was chief of staff for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, isn’t buying a new book that claims the former first lady had a one-night stand with Frank Sinatra. “I’m sure it never happened,” Baldridge said. “It’s total hearsay, fabrication, cocktail party chitchat … that then becomes fact in somebody’s book.”

Hush what her hairdresser knows? For sure

John F. Kennedy Jr. had his lawyer fire off a cease-and-desist letter to Brad Johns, the hair stylist who turned Carolyn Bessette Kennedy into a blonde and continues blabbing about his ex-client’s grooming habits, pets, etc. to the media.

Same story, degeneration after degeneration

Carrying on the family tradition, Matthew and Joseph P. Kennedy III, the 17-year-old twin sons of Congressman Joe Kennedy, were arrested for trespassing before a school dance. One of the other kids they were with was charged with alcohol possession.

Linguistically, he continues to make his mark

According to the D.C. publication The Hill, former vice president Dan Quayle gave this version of what he considers the public’s opinion of the Democratic and Republican parties: “A pock on both houses.”

When it comes to competition, he’s not stiff

Vice President Al Gore recently completed his first marathon in a plodding 4:54:26, running with his two daughters. “I slowed down the last few miles,” Gore told reporters afterward. “Karenna and Kristin could have gone faster without me.”

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