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Trucks Broken Into And Vandalized; Radios, Stereos Stolen

Burglars broke into 20 trucks parked at Ryder Truck Rental and Leasing on North Farr Lane Saturday night, vandalizing cabs and stealing stereos and CB radios.

The burglar apparently scaled an eight-foot chain link fence topped with barbed wire to get to the trucks, sheriff’s deputies said. The burglar may have done this despite back problems. Deputies found two pairs of gloves and a back support at the crime scene.

The intruders removed dome lights from inside the cabs before stealing or damaging stereos in about half of them. Several CB radios were missing, and many of the trucks’ dash boards were broken. Gas caps were removed from two trucks and one gas tank has a rag stuffed into it. Three fire extinguishers were stolen and the inside of one cab had been sprayed with fire retardant.

Some of the trucks had been left unlocked, sheriff’s deputies said. The burglar also overturned a Coca-Cola vending machine.

Several companies park their trucks in the fenced lot. Sheriff’s deputies had not yet determined all of the owners of the various trucks.

Anyone with information should call Crime Check at 456-2233.

Zip-Trip store robbed

A Zip-Trip convenience store on North Pines Road was robbed Saturday night.

Sheriff’s deputies said a man in his 20s, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt pulled down to his eyes, entered the store around 9:15 p.m. A white cloth covered the robber’s face and he held his left hand in his pocket, as if he had a weapon.

The robber gave the clerk a brown paper bag and demanded money from both registers. He ran out the door with the money and entered the parking lot of a nearby parking complex.

A police dog lost his scent in the parking lot, sheriff’s deputies said. The clerk described the man as 5-foot-9 and about 150 pounds.

No arrests have been made.

Pizza restaurant burglarized

Burglars broke into a Pizza Time restaurant on South Pines Road Sunday night, ransacking the office and stealing cash.

The burglar broke through the back door, dumping drawers and scattering papers, sheriff’s deputies said.

The manager discovered the burglary when he arrived at work Monday.

No arrests have been made.

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