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Letters To The Editor

Pornography battle lauded

Richard D. Reed’s guest column (Valley Voice, Oct. 25) objecting to Penny Lancaster’s “tirades” against pornography puzzles me.

He admits he knows nothing about pornography. Good for him.

Pornography has nothing to do with free press or free association or worshiping women. It has to do with perversion, depravity and demeaning women. Pornographic material starts mild but soon escalates.

We who are not into pornography have no real idea of the filth out there.

Robert Bork, in his book “Slouching Toward Gomorrah,” has a chapter on the porno trade. It is eye opening and nauseating.

I quote Robert Bork: “Unless there is vigorous counterattack, which must, I think, resort to legal as well as moral sanctions, the prospects are for a chaotic and unhappy society, followed perhaps by an authoritarian and unhappy society. The question is whether we are really content to accept that.”

I applaud Ms. Lancaster’s lonely battle. Winifred Edwards Greenacres

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